Company Overview

Kleeve & Tove is an investment holding and management advisory business incorporated in Ghana. We aim to transform lives by facilitating investments and developing great businesses and brands in Ghana and Africa.

We hold investments in Agriculture, Finance, Hospitality and Assurance services.


We develop, facilitate and invest in businesses that contribute to the transformation of Africa.


Chairman and CEO

Senyo Hosi

Mr. Hosi is the founder and Executive Chairman of Kleeve & Tove. He is a finance and economic policy analyst with management experience across varying industries including downstream petroleum, industry advocacy, public policy development, finance, logistics and commodity trading. He holds an MBA in Finance and an MA in Economic Policy Management from the University of Ghana.

He has been instrumental in the development and implementation of major policies in the Ghanaian energy sector, notably, the deregulation of the downstream petroleum sector, low sulphur fuel and the conceptual development and rationalisation of the Energy Sector Levies Act and its consequent debt management interventions.

He is the Managing Trustee of the Ghana’s COVID-19 Private Sector Fund which led major interventions in the fight against COVID-19. He is also the first Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Chamber of Bulk Oil Distributors and Legacy Bonds Limited.

He is an advisor to the Ministry of Energy and serves on various public and corporate boards including, the Ghana Highways Authority, the Private Enterprise Federation, Legacy Bonds Limited and AppsNmobile Solutions Limited.



  • HGL Ltd is an indigenous Ghanaian social business. The company is driven by the social impact of drawing more citizens into the production function of the country by stimulating employment for less skilled persons in a sustainable manner. Such sustainability is achieved by the ability to operate profitably with returns reinvested towards yielding more social impact.
  • The company currently focuses on the development of the agricultural, agro-processing and agritourism prospects in Ghana, with the ambition to invest in several districts across the country. Its investments in various business endeavours are termed ‘triggers’ of the HGL vision/goal.

Hfields Limited

  • Hfields Limited is a Ghanaian company incorporated in August 2015 to offer advisory services to the downstream petroleum sector as part of its business lines.
  • With a cumulative experience of 84years in the industry, the H-fields team has in-depth expertise in the management and operations of the petroleum downstream industry.

Vileti Luxury Apartments

  • Vileti Luxury Apartments is a luxury hospitality company, focused on the ‘home away from home’ experience of our clients and operate only in premium properties.
  • Vileti operates luxury properties 1 and 2-bedroom apartments in at Embassy Gardens and the Pearl-In-the City developments in Cantonments, Ghana as well as our 3 and 4-bedroom town homes in Regal Palms, Davenport-Florida. The luxury condos and town homes are equipped with homely amenities like a living area, laundry, dinette and a kitchenette equipped with the necessary crockery, utensils and cooking appliances to make guests feel at home.

Tesah Capital Limited

  • Tesah Capital Limited (formerly NDK Capital Limited) was incorporated in 2010 under the laws of Ghana to provide fund management services to pension trustees, financial and non-financial institutions, corporates and individuals.
  • Tesah are licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as an Investment Advisor and Fund Manager and registered by the National Pensions and Regulatory Authority (NPRA) as a Pension Fund Manager.
  • Tesah is your investment Gateway to Africa and have grown our capabilities to meet the needs of clients over time and offer alternative ways to achieve investment growth and capital preservation.


NDK Capital Corporate Announcement



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