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HGL Limited

HGL Ltd is an indigenous Ghanaian social business. The company is driven by the social impact of drawing more citizens into the production function of the country by stimulating employment for less skilled persons in a sustainable manner. Such sustainability is achieved by the ability to operate profitably with returns reinvested towards yielding more social impact.

The company currently focuses on the development of the agricultural, agro-processing and agritourism prospects in Ghana, with the ambition to invest in several districts across the country. Its investments in various business endeavours are termed ‘triggers’ of the HGL vision/goal.

HGL is committed to the following: Employment generation – through the recruitment of field agents and the out-grower network, HGL will provide sustainable livelihoods for thousands of people.
Women empowerment – HGL has a deliberate policy to recruit, train and retain women in the fields of its operation which have been traditionally male-dominated.


HGL Volta Trigger 1 Project (VOT1)

The VOT 1 project comprises 3 sub-businesses:


A 500-acre farm that serves as a demonstration farm to support agro-processing and agritourism sub-businesses. It is currently being used to cultivate perfumed rice and out-of- season vegetables. Serves as the farm base for training and research to support the company’s out-grower programme.
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Agro Processing

This constitute a Four (4) metric tonne per hour rice mill capable of processing about 20,000 metric tonnes of rice paddy per year in a two-shift cycle under Phase A. A four (4) tonne per hour maize mill is expected to be procured, installed ...
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The HGL agritourism business is primarily aimed at drawing more Ghanaians, especially the middle class, into farming, as a ‘cool’, fun and viable investment option using a crowd farming model. READ MORE
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